Thank you, Teachers and Librarians This December

Dear Teachers and Librarians,

Thank you!

Mostly I want to say that your kindnesses to an itinerant writer as I’ve visited your schools and libraries over the years have meant the world to me. Included here are some small offerings for you. (If I come to your class or storytime, I truly might bring along a tres leches cake like Whoosh does in OD Bonny’s and my picture book, A Feast for Joseph.) First, here’s a reading list for you:

Feasts! A Reading List of Picture Books about Food and Cross-cultural Friendship

Intro: I think I belong to the Jane Jacobs school of living. That’s about living all mixed up with grownups and children and grandparents and doing different kinds of jobs among the smells of wildly different spices and maybe the scent of mandizas. Those are the donuts you might smell frying at a street vendor’s stand in Nairobi but you can smell them in the U.S., too. So sweet it stops you in your tracks. Here is a small list of picture books from the “bringing people together” school of thought. And food opens the door to people gathering.

A Few More Resources to Pass On

World Read Aloud Day – Read more about it and sign up with me to do a free, short visit to your class or library. I have only a few slots left.

Rabbit in the Moon Reading Lists

Rabbit in the Moon Reading Lists and Reviews includes books about newcomers to North America and stories set in the countries from which newcomers have arrived.

Check out more resources at

To my friends in high schools, picture books can be read like short stories or poems and can be fun ways to explore the elements of those forms.

Happy solstice, happy holidays, to you all and your beloveds,


A child from Pittsfield, NH retells the story of The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup.

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