• Welcoming Week and artist Mawouko Aboussa

    This week, Sept. 12-20 is Welcoming Week, established by Welcoming America to celebrate new families who have come to the U.S. from around the world and recognize the contributions they bring. It happens that my story about Concord, NH artist Mawouko “Moe” Aboussa is published today at InDepthNH. I want to share the story of…


  • Stories with Terry

    Joseph wants just one thing, to ride a bike! After you hear the story, do you think Joseph gets something more than a ride on a bike? Joseph’s Big Ride is illustrated by Ken Daley and published by Annick Press. Hi Friends, I’m reading here from one of my first books. It’s about a cat….



Lemon Punch Theater Lab, New Plays on Zoom, including my short play, "Something Gold" Nov. 7, 7 p.m.

I'll join in with a Zoom Book Club reading The Good Braider, Nov. 24, 6:30 p.m.

Monadnock Pastoral Poets and Writers Conference August 28 – August 30, 2020. With writer Diane Mulligan, I'll lead the fiction workshops. Contact http://monadnockpastoralpoets.org/