A FEAST FOR JOSEPH Wins Praise from the New York Times, Kirkus; and More Praise

The New York Times recommends A FEAST FOR JOSEPH as a great picture book about food and fellowship. Our book is in good company with other books that celebrate eating together with people and building friendships. Here’s the NY Time’s ‘Picture This’ story, Eight Picture Books about Food and Fellowship.

A Kirkus Starred Review “A resettled refugee kid loves his people’s ways of life and strives to feel at home in his new country.

Kirkus writes “[Joseph’s] cheerful neighbor, an Afro-Latinx girl with ribbons in her curly hair, is excited about the food Joseph brings to school: kwon and dek ngor, traditional to his Acholi people of South Sudan and northern Uganda…A wonderful book that humanizes refugees through a focus on joy in everyday life, even in asylum.”

Canadian Review of Materials offers a Highly Recommended rating. They write:

“There’s an undeniable “rhythm, a beat of people eating together”, as the dinner table hums with activity and is laden with Ugandan delicacies, including kwon (a thick dough made from millet), chapati (East African flatbread), dek ngor (traditional Acholi stew made with lentils or peas), and Sukuma wiki (a Swahili name for collard greens).”

The Toronto Globe and Mail recommends A Feast for Joseph to “find new ways for young people to explore the world” in the Globe and Mail Kids’ Book Gift Guide.

Molly McGrath, The Telling Room wrote:

“I loved the book! Reminds me very much of Fufu and Fresh Strawberries! A gorgeous book with a wonderful message! Patience, imagination, curiosity, and kindness are spun together in this new story written by Terry Farish and OD Bonny. Joseph lives in a new apartment far from family, but a new friend, Whoosh, helps him feel at home in their neighborhood as they share a meal together. Illustrations by Ken Daley are lush and vibrant, a celebration of colors and cultures. A treasure!” 

The Butler’s Pantry Books on Cooking celebrates A FEAST FOR JOSEPH and more books about food.

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