“Children of War”

I’m shaping  a new program I offer in schools and communities. Through documentary photos, oral history of refugees, reports of on-the-scene war correspondents, and readings from The Good Braider,  I takes listeners on the journey of children and their families out of war in South Sudan. The program is called  ”Children of War”  & captures the larger picture of contemporary displacement of populations due to conflict. Some documentary photographers and have granted permission to show their stunning photos in schools.

Nancy Watson,  librarian at Bangor High School in Maine, in collaboration with English and social studies teachers invited me to present for students in World Issues Seminar,  Geography, and English classes.  Nancy described the program as one that honors people like Viola in the novel, something I sought to do.  She wrote, ”Terry’s multi-media approach to sharing these difficult stories is both a celebration of the lives of young people who have grown from their adversity and a tribute to the creative and beautiful individuals who are living right in our midst in Maine.”   Here’s Nancy’s story about “Children of War.” 

I also had the extraordinary chance to audition my program in the University of New Hampshire class of Genevieve Aichele, director of the New Hampshire Theater Project.  She teachers a class in public speaking to students who come from varied disciplines and experiences, some from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  To this tough crowd,  I presented.  We were all emotionally vulnerable in the room, talking about war.  We all learned.

2 Responses to ““Children of War””

  1. Carol Baldwin

    Tracey Adams recommended your book and website for an upcoming issue of a newsletter which a colleague and I write. Our next issue of “Talking Story” is on Children and War. We plan to link to your blog and learn from what you have shared with the world.

    • terryfarish

      Hi Carol, thank you for letting me know about “Talking Story” and your upcoming issue. I’m very glad this site can be a resource to your readers.