To the Children of Mill Brook School,

A doll representing Joseph in Joseph’s Big Ride and A Feast for Joseph is available to visit schools. Here’s a story of his visit to Mill Brook School in Concord, NH. He visited k-1 classes.

Dear Children at Mill Brook,

I understand that a small doll named Joseph has been visiting your class, and that sometimes your teacher has let him come to story time. I hope he has not been disruptive.  Can you teach him to listen? And while you’re at it, would you mind teaching him to read? He likes stories and is very smart. But sometimes he can get up to mischief. Ms. Morin did send me this snap.

You may be wondering about Joseph’s clothes. He has a friend named Grammie Rose and she sewed them for him. Joseph is exactly 17 inches tall, and Grammie specializes is clothes for 17-inch tall boys. She sewed them so he would have the same red shirt as the Joseph in Joseph’s Big Ride. Ms. Morin also sent a snap of a boy right there at Mill Brook who also has a handsome red shirt.

Another friend of Joseph’s, Jeanne Trabulsi, recommended that Joseph get a hair cut. But when I saw Joseph with a boy in another snap from Mill Brook, I thought both of them had perfect hair.

Thank you for helping Joseph settle in. The holidays might have caused a bit of chaos and certainly hope Joseph didn’t get anybody into trouble or disturb Ms. Giddis. I see she had to keep him close to keep her eye on him.

Here’s a little of Joseph’s story before he visited Mill Brook. He came from Virginia.  I mentioned his friend Jeanne. Jeanne Trabulsi moved to Virginia from Lebanon, a country far away and near the country of Syria. After Jeanne made her home in the U.S., she wanted to welcome kids who were not safe in their home countries and had moved to the U.S. where there was food and safety and schools where they could learn.  So she created the

Refugee Doll Project to create dolls to welcome the children. She has created refugee dolls from many countries.

Here’s Jeanne:

You can read more about Jeanne Trabulsi at her website

The very grown up first graders listen beautifully at Ms. Mac Dougall’s story time. I hope Joseph will come home a good listener, but maybe you also taught him his times tables.

Thank you for taking good care of Jospeh!

From your friend,


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