A Feast for Joseph Honors Grandmothers

In a Feast for Joseph by OD Bonny and me, Joseph imagines the day when his grandmother will travel from South Sudan to Portland, Maine where he now lives. Illustrator Ken Daley makes the grandmother ever present in the book as Joseph imagines the day she will come. Here’s a sneak preview of Ken’s illustration. I met a grandmother in Portland in 2001. She had recently fled from South Sudan, to Cairo, then to Portland. Her name is Ludia and she introduced me to her sons, her daughters, her grandchildren, who were just beginning to make their homes in the United States. Ludia minded the grandchildren when her daughter found work. Over the years, Ludia herself took a job, studied English, and got her US citizenship. My dedication in A Feast for Joseph is to Ludia.

Illustration by Ken Daley from A Feast for Joseph by Terry Farish and OD Bonny, Groundwood Books, Sept. 2021

A Feast for Joseph is about a boy who yearns to bring people together,
and he does! “Cooked up right, food can foster a community.” News about our book launch is coming soon and it will surely include food! Learn more from Groundwood Books and pre-order here: https://bit.ly/3eMyHpu

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