Resources for Remote Learning from Terry

A big welcome to you where ever you are in the world. I live with my family and dog near a creek and the ocean in southern Maine. Here, I’ve put together some reading and writing ideas. They’re for you to explore wherever you are connecting from. If you’re reading my books, I also welcome you to ask me questions or connect with me by e-mail and we can explore Skype visits. Oh, and here’s Clara, my dog. She’s in many of my books. She also loves books and has eaten several.

Something For All Ages

“A Page Before Midnight” is a series of Images with Writing Prompts for all ages. I’m posting on Instagram.and my blog

Grades K-3

Joseph’s Big Ride, a picture book. A boy new to the United States wants one thing – to ride a bike. Listen to the story read aloud by a school principal in the school’s series, Champions Read.

Here’s an art Project: Joseph’s Big Ride-building a bike, a magnificent activity created by students at the Maine College of Art beginning with your own hand!

Grades K and up and all who love cats.

“Once upon a time….” Write your own story based on Barry’s Roots illustrations of the The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup. See Barry’s pictures and follow the prompt to write your own tale.

Middle and High School Readers

The Good Braider, a novel in verse. A girl’s journey from Sudan at war to Portland, Maine. Read the first fifty pages in this PDF The PDF is from the galley of the book. When you click, you’ll see what’s called an uncorrected proof. It’s almost a book. But it’s still going for final editing, that touch your teacher gives to you when you turn in a final paper.

The Good Braider Reading and Thinking Guide from I’m Your Neighbor

I’ll be adding to this list of resources and posting on Instagram. We’re alone together, reading and writing. Best wishes, Terry

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