Art Lesson for Joseph’s Big Ride

Ken Daley illustrates Mama, Joseph, Whoosh in Joseph’s Big Ride. “The narrative, which focuses on building a friendship, is paired with Daley’s vibrant illustrations, which depict just how fast the minds, and bikes, of young children can go.”   School Library Journal

The wish Joseph has in Joseph’s Big Ride finally comes true, his wish to ride a bike. The bike ride came to life in a school in Westbrook, Maine. Master’s of Education students at the Maine College of Art made it happen with an Art Lesson they presented with the students. They began with drawing lots of kids’ hands and the connected hands become the spokes of the bicycle’s wheels.  Like this….

Then like this…

Then all the children’s hands come together like this….

The children and these extraordinary art teachers put Joseph’s – really Whoosh’s (but she likes him) – bike all together like this…

You can see the steps to make the bike is this gallery of images and videos. The Art Lessons for Joseph’s Big Ride are created as part of a tool kit for a collection of children’s books called the,  Welcoming Library

Libraries and community centers can purchase the Welcoming Library of children’s books, mobile exhibit, and program resources to help new Americans and U.S.-born families in the neighborhood  meet each other through story.  See all the books and meet the creator, Kirsten Cappy, champion of books and children, at Welcoming Library.   

A Welcoming Library display in Maine.


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