May You See the Rabbit in the Moon and know it’s the Beginning of the World

IMG_1792This photo captures an event that happened on a fall night in Kittery, Maine.  It has already become one of my all-time favorite events. The people gathered with me are my neighbors who came to hear me read from Either the Beginning or the End of the World at the Rice Library. I met a family for the first time,  and they had adopted their Cambodian daughter. Now their daughter is  a young woman and she wants to study nursing and help her countrymen. I had brought tiny rabbit-in-the-moon charms that relate to the quest of Sofie in my novel to see the rabbit when she looks up at the moon. When she was a young child, her Cambodian mom Rabbit2told her look, look,  see the rabbit in the moon!  I was glad I had the charm to give the young woman from Cambodia and enough for us all.  The charm also relates to a Cambodian folk tale  in which the rabbit represents immortality.  So we all left with our small rabbit in the moon charms, and I had a better sense that this is the beginning of the world.

Either the Beginning or the End of the World

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