Dal Mukarung remembers Bhutan

Dal and FamilyI saw Dal Rai yesterday. He is the illustrator of the Bhutanese folktale published by the New Hampshire Humanities Council, The Story of a Pumpkin. Like many Bhutanese families who moved to Laconia, New Hampshire, Dal’s family is leaving this small lake district city. He’s pictured here with his sons, Adrin and Anmal, his wife Birkha. and his father, Harka.  Harka told me he was born in Bhutan in 1943.  Dal was 8 when the Bhutanese government forced his family into exile and took possession of their farm. The Story of a Pumpkin, told in Laconia by Hari Tiwari,  is a tale that traveled from Bhutan to the refugee camp in Nepal where Dal and Hari  lived for some 20 years to New Hampshire and now on to Ohio where many Bhutanese people live and where Dal seeks to make a home.  Dal was an ambassador for the bilingual Nepali-English book to many New Hampshire schools. His work is a gift to children.  Good luck, Dal!

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