The Story Behind the Lupine Award

The Good Braider has won the Lupine Award from the Maine Library Association. Here’s some backstory on this award.  The award is named for the flowers grown in Barbara Cooney’s picture book, MISS RUMPHIUS.  I just listened to the story on this beautiful audio book version:

Miss Rumphius, who had once been a young girl named Alice, told her grandfather, “I will go to faraway places and come home to live by the sea.”  Her grandfather said that was a good idea but he said there was one thing she must do. “You must do something to make the world more beautiful.”   And she did. She grew at her place by the sea purple and lavender lupines. I’m glad that Maine librarians found the beauty of Viola’s very difficult story. I think it is in her strength.

One more part of the story –  All the librarians in Maine who honored writers and illustrators with the Lupine Award wore shades of lavender and purple.  And I did, too. Here are all the winners: Matt Tavares, me, Betsy Thompson, and Mary Cerullo.

Lupine Winners