Virtual Author Visits with Terry Farish

These virtual presentations are for classrooms, homeschooling families, and libraries. They are adaptable for nearly all ages. The programs are built around working with groups who’ve read one of my books or heard chapters read aloud so that we have a common text, though I’ll bring in lots of other books I’ve loved. The programs run 45 – 60 minutes and offer interactive components. I also welcome e-mails with questions after the session. Pricing – $175 per presentation during this time. Scheduling now! Email me at

Who Is a Refugee? Who Is an Immigrant? Who Am I?

Description: More people than ever before have been forced to leave their homes to seek safety and enough resources to live. Within this global context, I’ll tell about discoveries I’ve made through listening to the stories of refugee kids and teens as I wrote The Good Braider and books for younger readers. We’ll explore research steps, from keeping a writer’s notebook to personal experiences, to learn about our own or other’s cultures and what refugees can teach us. Resources for you:  Refugee Fact Sheet, Links to resources, Own Voices reading list Goals: (Program dependent) To gain greater understanding of the words refugee, immigrant, asylum seeker, migrant; learn writers’ research methods; experience the world of fiction to imagine others’ lives Who is this program for: I adapt this for younger readers reading Joseph’s Big Ride, or Luis Paints the World or for teens and adults reading The Good Braider.

Making a Picture Book

Description: I’m creating a picture book with two joint creators, co-writer OD Bonny and illustrator Ken Daley. I’ll share scenes from Joseph’s Big Ride and our book in production A Feast for Joseph about a boy from the Acholi culture. I’ll present elements of narrative including the story kernel (what the writer wants to discover), writing the senses, finding the story surprise, revision – with our focus on the details of word and image. I’ll offer a writing prompt to begin a picture book, using words in two languages if participants like! Resources for you: Reading list of “Stellar Mentor Picture Books from Many Cultures” Goals: Understand the process of picture book creation and the way words and image build the story’s meaning; learn about the Acholi culture in Uganda and South Sudan and the diaspora; begin a picture book using the elements of narrative. Who is this program for: I adapt the program for young readers, teens, and adults.

“The Pig’s Tale” – a Social and Emotional Learning Visit

Description: We’ll read aloud from Luis Paints the World and The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup, looking for clues to understand a character’s changing emotions. We’ll look at word and gesture to help us infer meaning and practice reading between the lines. This is a very fun workshop about cats and longing and patience and rewards. After we read about ways characters handle their feelings, a pig (he’s large but stuffed) will come to visit. The pig has a range of emotions about missing his friends and I’ll invite everyone to become the storyteller of the pig’s tale. Resources for you: Reader’s theater script of Luis Paints the World Goals: Build skills in interpretation of stories and exploring the emotional world of character; build awareness about one’s own and other’s emotions; identify ways that characters solve problems; practice writing using elements of narrative. Who is this program for: Best for grades K- 4

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Read, Write, and Imagine Our World: Here are Free Downloadable Resources for Teachers, Librarians, Kids, and Teens on 1) Writing 2) Learning about Refugees and Immigrants

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Terry’s multi-media approach to sharing these difficult stories is both a celebration of the lives of young people who have grown from their adversity and a tribute to the creative and beautiful individuals who are living right in our midst in Maine.”
– Nancy Watson, Bangor High School Librarian

“[Terry’s program] showed the children that immigrants and immigrants’ children  are just like them: they have favorite foods, and miss their brothers, and need to run away sometimes, and need to show everyone that the world is at home, too.” Mo Churchill, Children’s Librarian, Newport, NH