Readers’ Guides and Resources for Educators

An Open Book Foundation School Program

Literature of War  Reading List on “Literature of War for Children and Young Adults” created for the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts conference with Lyn Miller-Lachmann and JL Powers.

Finding the Dove” Writing Workshop with English Langauge Learners – Reading List  The list includes a wide variety of readings to inspire students to tell their own stories.

Verse Novels that Offer the World Handout. Verse Novels that Offer the World, a reading list and sample writing prompts for a writing workshop I do. We read and write from lines of verse novels, perform readers theatre, and explore voices from  many cultures.

Why Verse?”  Verse Novels that Explore Displacement and culture and more Here is an article I wrote for School Library Journal after interviewing many writers of novels in verse and hearing many readers respond to the form.

Writing to Understand Cultures in Conflict A series of writing steps from free writes, mirror writing, and journal writing, building to an essay, poem, or story.

Readers’ Guides and Resources for The Good Braider

The Good Braider Blog   reading lists of books about Africa,  hear a South Sudanese rap star,  follow my journey in photos to Kakuma refugee camp at

The Good Braider, An Educator’s Guide  Portland High School ESOL teacher Thomas Talarico’s educator’s guide featuring vocabulary skill building and comprehension questions


Good Braider Discussion Guide PDF  a Discussion Guide for community reads, book clubs, and classes

“I’m Your Neighbor” Reader’s Guide for The Good Braider created for the Portland (ME) City Reading Project  Curious City created this guide which includes ideas for engaging in community events and cultural explorations.