Journey to Kathmandu, Nepal

Many have asked about a best way to help the people of Nepal. I met teachers with World Education Nepal during my visit there in early April. They are setting up “child friendly places” for earthquake survivors. These are places for “children to continue learning while they wait for schools to reopen.” They welcome donations and have a link on their page.

For a short story of my journey to Nepal in photos please click on  Nepal Slide show  I am not certain of the earthquake damage in many of the places I visited.  Shirley Blair at the school for Himalayan Children (SMD Boarding School) near Boudha Temple is Kathmandu reports that students and staff are safe.  I hope to hear back from others soon.  Among the photos is a picture of women eating at a Saturday festival at the Swayambhunath Temple, also called the Monkey Temple. I heard today that although the temple is severely damaged,  people still gather to honor the holy days.

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