Joseph’s Big Ride in Three Languages at Broken Ground School

Joseph’s Big Ride got a magnificent launch at Concord, New Hampshire’s Broken Ground School with students from many refugee families.  I came for Family Night. Everybody  got ice cream sundaes, then came and listened to the story in the gym. Families were from all parts of the world and many families were from Rwanda and Bhutan. So the best part of sharing a story written only  in English is that I read with two colleagues, one from Bhutan, one from Rwanda. And we read in  THREE languages! English, Nepali, and Kinyarwanda. Magic! And a talented teacher painted Joseph and Whoosh from the story on the gym door!Luis LaunchBrokenGround Broken Ground with drawing Drawing Joseph Broken Ground Joseph Readers BrokenGround Broken Ground with Fiona, Terry, and moreHere are some photos:


2 thoughts on “Joseph’s Big Ride in Three Languages at Broken Ground School

    • August 18, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      Thank you, Deborah! Broken Ground School is one of a kind. Was it there when your daughters were in school?


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