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  • So Many Books So Little Time Interview

    Sophia Sturtuvant of Portland, Maine did a beautiful reading from Either the Beginning or the End of the World as part of the PPM-TV production and broadcast of a discussion of the novel. Sherry Evans (pictured below) hosted the show and the wonderful and engaged audience joined Sherry and me as we explored the novel.

  • Joseph’s Big Ride in Three Languages at Broken Ground School

    Joseph’s Big Ride got a magnificent launch at Concord, New Hampshire’s Broken Ground School with students from many refugee families.¬† I came for Family Night. Everybody¬† got ice cream sundaes, then came and listened to the story in the gym. Families were from all parts of the world and many families were from Rwanda and…


  • Immigrants, Kids, and Flan

    It was after this assembly program in Newport, New Hampshire that I needed to make flan. I had never made flan while I was writing LUIS PAINTS THE WORLD. In the story Luis’s mom makes flan the night before his older brother is deployed with his army unit. The story is set in a

  • The Telling Room with the Young Writers and Leaders

    This winter I’m mentoring a young student who is one of only 15 students selected for The Telling Room’s Young Writers and Leaders Program.  These are international high school students  from Somalia, Rwanda, Jordan, Iraq, Congo, Burundi, and Afghanistan and are now attending one of Portland, Maine’s high schools. They’ve all come to write a…


  • I Love the Novel Any Way I Can

    When I was a child, I always wished my family would talk to each other the way people talked to each other in books.   Or maybe I wanted my family to reveal their hearts or even know their hearts and use language as a way to speak truths to each other.  Books fed this hunger…