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  • Scenes from a Kenyan Home

    I made this slide show after my stay with Helen and Peter Ayanga in the village of Esabalu in western Kenya.  The singing that accompanies the slides are the voices of Helen and her daughter. Scenes From a Kenyan Home, a sound  slide show

  • The Story Behind the Lupine Award

    The Good Braider has won the Lupine Award from the Maine Library Association. Here’s some backstory on this award.  The award is named for the flowers grown in Barbara Cooney’s picture book, MISS RUMPHIUS.  I just listened to the story on this beautiful audio book version:

  • Madhu’s Seeds

    An essay for spring published in  New Hampshire Home‘s back page feature “At Home in New Hampshire.” Madhu’s Seeds by Terry Farish Madhu Bhandari tells me, “When I bring the greens home from the garden, that is the best thing.” I am in her home in downtown Concord where she lives with her husband; her children, including…


  • Journey to Kakuma and the Turkana People

    Follow my journey to Kakuma, a village in the Turkana district of northern most Kenya. I volunteered with KVDA in the Kakuma Semi Arid Boarding Primary School where children of the nomadic  Turkana people and children from Kakuma Refugee Camp go to school.  See images and follow the journey  here.

  • Eleven Days Before I Go

          Paul Winter, of the organization Scottie’s Place, posted this photo on a blog.   It is dated December 13, 2012. You can read the post, Life in Kakuma Refugee Camp.  Scottie’s Place is an American-based nonprofit organization working to support the education of girls and young women in the camp, as well as…