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  • Elsa Marston’s Love Affair with Lebanon

    Here is what I imagine.  Elsa Marston’s literary love affair with Lebanon and the Middle East might also have been about a love affair with her husband, Iliya Harik. He was from Lebanon and taught at Indiana University all their married life.  Elsa Marston has just died.  I can say she was my colleague, but…


  • Meet WOW! “World of Words”

    “World of Words”  says. “Literature expands children’s life spaces and takes them outside the boundaries of their lives to other places, times, and ways of living in order to participate in alternative ways of being in the world. Readers are invited to immerse themselves into story worlds to gain insights about how people live, feel,…


  • Teach Immigration

    If you’re teaching students about issues around immigration or you are writing about immigrants, here’s a site that could support you from the American Immigration Council.   It’s Teach Immigration’s Share My Lesson.  Lessons offered range from ones for preschoolers to high school students.  Themes range from “Build an Inclusive Community” to novel studies.  I…


  • So Many Books So Little Time Interview

    Sophia Sturtuvant of Portland, Maine did a beautiful reading from Either the Beginning or the End of the World as part of the PPM-TV production and broadcast of a discussion of the novel. Sherry Evans (pictured below) hosted the show and the wonderful and engaged audience joined Sherry and me as we explored the novel.

  • “Chnam Oun 16” and Either the Beginning or the End

    When I heard the song “I am 16” – “Chnam Oun 16” – by Bochan, I thought she must speak for so many Cambodian daughters, mothers, and grandmothers with her gripping lyrics of survival. And Bochan has just said, Yes, we can use her song as the audio for a book trailer for Either the…