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  • Year of New Voices – A Reading with Immigrant Writers

    I’ve been working with the talented staff of New Hampshire Humanities to create the New Voices project. We were matchmakers. We matched many New Hampshire poets with immigrant writers to work together with the goal of creating a community reading. Here’s one story. Writing united us.  But could we actually pull off a reading? Yes,…


  • Ahmad Qadri, Potter

    Please meet Ahmad Qadri. His story is the first I want to offer you about traditional artists in New Hampshire. I did a series of fieldwork reports for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts about traditional artists in the state with a focus on artists who work in arts from varied cultures.

  • Ezo African Restaurant: A Letter from Portland, Maine

    By Terry Farish …A restaurant in Portland links African refugees with their past and Maine with its future. Here’s an article I wrote some years ago.  Ezo is now replaced by Asmara Restaurant.  This story is replayed today in countless, thriving, American cities The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Regional Review Vol. 13 2003

  • Illustrating Love: Nickie Tadgell on Art for REAL SISTERS PRETEND

    I met illustrator Nickie Tadgell at a We Need Diverse Books event at Annie’s Book Swap in Worcester, Massachusetts. Nickie is the illustrator of many books including the beautiful FATUMA’S NEW CLOTH by Leslie Builion.  Nickie’s just illustrated a new book, REAL SISTERS PRETEND by Megan Dowd Lambert, the story of a mixed race family…