What Can Happen in Three Hours on a Summer Afternoon?

Terry Farish, facilitator, “Yoga and Writing” Workshop

You might find your muse.

In addition to writing I’m also a yoga teacher. I’ve known for a long time how these two things come together for me and I’ve finally put together a workshop on how movement and stretches support thinking and creativity. Here’s the description that appears on the GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Taiji site.

Gather for Yoga and Writing:  A Creative Session

Sunday, August 20, 2023, 1 to 4 p.m.

Cost:  $45. Register and pay through Eventbrite.
For more info:  tfarish@gmail.com

The center that I cannot find
Is known to my unconscious mind.”  
W.H. Auden

What could happen in three hours on a summer afternoon?

Together, we can create space to invite new thinking and well-being around being a writer.  We’ll have focused time to bring attention to a piece of writing you want to complete, or begin, or approach with new eyes.  

We’ll practice a yoga sequence to find spaciousness in the body. Poses can be done with a variety of modifications including staying seated. We’ll move through a series of writing prompts, building from a broad focus to a narrow one – developing that small sensory detail at the heart of your story that your readers will not forget.

We’ll write, doing our best to not call it right or wrong. We’ll move through stretches and write with the invitation to respond to both with kindness.  As yoga has taught me, we don’t change or grow by rejecting ourselves or our work. We change and grow by opening to ourselves and our work as a witness and explorer.

Liking and not liking

can make us blind to what’s there.”

Lynda Barry, from Syllabus, a graphic memoir

We’ll end with an invitation to share a piece of writing with the group.

Who’s this for?

You don’t need experience in yoga. Writing skills come with the practice of reading and writing. This is a session to imagine and welcome your story. Bring paper and pen or the device of your choice. I’ll support you with handouts, reading list, & yoga poses.

About Me

I teach yoga at Gateway TaijiQigong & Yoga Studio. My books include The Good Braider, a novel in verse, Either the Beginning or the End of the World, a Maine Literary Award Winner, and the forthcoming Go Home with Lochan Sharma – “In a small New Hampshire Seacoast city, a teenaged girl’s loyalty is torn between the boy she loves and her burgeoning friendship with the son of recent immigrants from a refugee camp in Nepal.” From the publisher.  https://terryfarish.com

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