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My blog is a small book with chapters (the categories). Choose the category you want in the index above. The chapters are in development. Updates soon.

World Stories Here I bring together reviews, reading lists, and author interviews of books from around the world and about the home countries of new Americans. Kirsten Cappy, Director of the Welcoming Library, quotes research on reading stories about cultures that are not our own. “Research shows there is comfort in connecting [with people] across culture after reading across culture.” And the books are exquisite.

School and Library Visits Here are stories about some of the programs and workshops I’ve presented. Each one is memorable. I always remember the stories children or adults write or tell because the stories become the fabric of what we are creating together.

Community Reading and Writing Projects I’ve organized various community writing projects, including The Bhutanese Folktale Project with ESL classes in Laconia, a New Hampshire Humanities project. These might give you ideas for a literacy project you’d like to do.

A Page Before Midnight – You Could Be a Writer! – Writing prompts for all ages

Writing for Children. Here I’m collecting essays and articles about writing for children, a distinct kind of writing, what Maria Popova describes as “stories that tackle with elegant simplicity such complexities as uncertainty, loneliness, loss, and the cycle of life.” Some of my posts are general, some are specific craft skills, such as writing a novel in verse.

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