Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Thank you, Ohrstrom Library Visiting Author Series

    This is an article featuring the complicated discussion we had at St. Paul’s School around my novel The Good Braider. What a honor to explore deeply with students in Dean of Chapel Alice Courtright’s Humanities Class:  Writer Terry Farish Visits Humanities Classes. 

  • “Food unites us and binds us sisters and brothers”

    This week I had the great pleasure of bringing The Good Braider to St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. I spoke at morning Chapel (pictured below in a photo taken in January). Chapel – we gathered at 7:40 a.m.! –  is a school-wide tradition for students and faculty. It was a rich opportunity for…


  • Ezo African Restaurant: A Letter from Portland, Maine

    By Terry Farish …A restaurant in Portland links African refugees with their past and Maine with its future. Here’s an article I wrote some years ago.  Ezo is now replaced by Asmara Restaurant.  This story is replayed today in countless, thriving, American cities The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Regional Review Vol. 13 2003

  • Refugee Stories

    Soksreinith Ten, a reporter with Voice of America News, just interviewed me for their English and Khmer News Service. She asked, in a few words what is your novel about? I said it’s about a mother and daughter. They love each other but they can’t tolerate each other. “I thought by 16 I’d be over…