Meet WOW! “World of Words”

World of Words”  says.

WOW! World of Words
Immigrant and Refugee Stories

“Literature expands children’s life spaces and takes them outside the boundaries of their lives to other places, times, and ways of living in order to participate in alternative ways of being in the world. Readers are invited to immerse themselves into story worlds to gain insights about how people live, feel, and think around the world in order to develop emotional connections and empathy as well as knowledge.”

Check these links out for worlds of books for kids and teens ~


WOW’s blog Currents, has many reading lists  of books featuring  global cultures, Native American stories, literature of war, international lit, and conversations about them all.

My Take/Your Take: Book Dialogues “Two readers with different connections and interpretations of the same text share unique views.”

WOW Review, Reading Across Culture

WOW Stories, Connections from the Classroom

There are so many resources on their site that I wanted to include each link for you to explore.

I’m joyful that WOW has included some of my books in their essays and book lists.