Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Racial Awareness and Children’s Literature

    I created a session for the New England Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators’ conference entitled, Stepping into Writing Across Culture.  The following begins my posts on the subject.  I offer my journey in these posts as a white writer who writes books about people in cultures not my own. I’ve been studying white privilege as…


  • Joseph’s Big Ride in Three Languages at Broken Ground School

    Joseph’s Big Ride got a magnificent launch at Concord, New Hampshire’s Broken Ground School with students from many refugee families.  I came for Family Night. Everybody  got ice cream sundaes, then came and listened to the story in the gym. Families were from all parts of the world and many families were from Rwanda and…


  • “Chnam Oun 16” and Either the Beginning or the End

    When I heard the song “I am 16” – “Chnam Oun 16” – by Bochan, I thought she must speak for so many Cambodian daughters, mothers, and grandmothers with her gripping lyrics of survival. And Bochan has just said, Yes, we can use her song as the audio for a book trailer for Either the…