A Folktale Journeys with its Tellers

A Folktale Journeys with its Tellers

Bhutanese girls dance a story about friendship “From a Bhutanese Farm to Small-Town America:  A Folktale Journeys with its Tellers”  is just published in Bookbird, A Journal of 


International Chidlren’s Literature. Creating the Nepali-English folktale, The Story of a Pumpkin, was a many-layered process,  challenging, and joyous, too.  The link above is to an excerpt of the article.  I tried to bring readers through our steps and introduce you to all who made the book happen from the refugee community we worked with to ESOL teachers to  the brilliant, creative women of the New Hampshire Humanities Council. Deb Cram took the photos of the dancing girls in Manchester at the Humanities Council folktale festival where we launched The Story of a Pumpkin. The  book is distributed by the University Press of New England. I just saw a notice of the book in a Miami newspaper.  May this story keep on rolling and coming into its own, which is just what happens to its magical hero.