Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • IBBY Congress in Mexico City Honors Stories Around the World

    How proud the people of IBBY Mexico  were to bring  creators of children’s literature and educators from all over the world to Mexico City.   They showed us palaces beyond beauty,  feted us with tequila and tiny hordeuves with hibiscus at galas,  seduced us with the art of Mexican illustrators.  The word seduction was the word…


  • OD Sings the South Sudanese Diaspora

    OD Bonny  has just released his newest album, Apwoyo – Thank you.  It is full of fire – an Acholi-English rap.  Here it is:

  • An Open Book Foundation, Washington, D.C.

     An Open Book Foundation  I had the extraordinary experience of working with Ms. Punwani’s 8th grade classes at Hardy Middle School in Washington, D.C.   Here’s the story!