Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Christmas Visits With The Cat

    I have enjoyed Christmas class visits.  I went to New Durham School in New Hampshire and met all the children, grades 1 -6.  They are very fun to puzzle out with about what’s really going on in THE CAT WHO LIKED POTATO SOUP.  The children are savvy. They see the truth about the old man…


  • Eleven Days Before I Go

          Paul Winter, of the organization Scottie’s Place, posted this photo on a blog.   It is dated December 13, 2012. You can read the post, Life in Kakuma Refugee Camp.  Scottie’s Place is an American-based nonprofit organization working to support the education of girls and young women in the camp, as well as…


  • Book Club Discussion Guide The Good Braider

        This discussion guide includes background on the novel, a reference resource list, and general discussion questions for classes and book clubs. Click  to open the Book Club Discussion Guide for The Good Braider