Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • The Way We Write

      Pugs, Merengue, Dolce & Gabbana   By Terry Farish      In a first draft, the one that makes me cry over some truth I’ve finally seen, for a flashing moment, I am sun god. I am sloppy and haphazard in my journal keeping, but my journals are invaluable to me when I go…


  • The Story of a Pumpkin, a tale from Bhutan

    The Story of a Pumpkin, a folktale in Nepali and English, has just been published by the New Hampshire Humanities Council.  The photo is from our  Folktale Festival celebrating the tale told by Hari Tiwari who now lives in Laconia, NH.   This book is the fruit of the work of many: new neighbors from…