This One’s for the Moms and Dads: Tell Me More

I have the great fortune to spend this year with New Hampshire Humanities. We’re working on a literacy project with adult education and refugee resettlement classes for English learners.  The project is A Year of New Voices,  

In the Year of New Voices, professional writers will meet English learners in Connections book discussion programs. Selected students will have an opportunity to work with the writer, read samples of each other’s work, look for ideas that each have as a thread through their writing. Then English learners, alongside professional writers, will read their poems, stories, and memoirs in “Year of New Voices” readings in New Hampshire communities.

So, in order to do this, we created a handbook, “Tell Me More” on Encouraging and Developing the Voices of English Learners.

The collage is by Linda Graham who allowed us to use her art on the cover and inside.  ESL educators and professional writers joined forces to write prompts, poems, and essays on the value of what bilingual writers bring to English.  The full handbook is available for English learners everywhere and to teachers who support them.  You can download and printout.  Please tell us how you use it and about writing that you do.   “Tell Me More” is here.


One thought on “This One’s for the Moms and Dads: Tell Me More

  • September 9, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    It’s a wonderful book and a fantastic program. It will change lives and, indeed, lift voices.


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