The Winners, Gilmanton Year Round Library and Somersworth Middle School

How beautiful to read messages from many New Hampshire librarians who want to diversify their collections. A librarian in Keene wrote, “The more our kids can see themselves in the books they read, the better!”  And another librarian in small Bethlehem, “To say we are not diverse is an understatement.”  All librarians wrote saying they want to diversify.  So delighted my books will find their way to  you. The small collection goes to Gilmanton Year Round Library. The YA books are on their way to the Somersworth Middle School. Thank you to all the New Hampshire librarians who entered.  I’ll sent all who entered a poster of The Good Braider jacket and a tiny elephant charm.

Welcoming America Children’s Book Giveaway

Welcoming America Children’s Book Giveaway!

I have a small collection of books – mostly middle grade books – about new Americans. These are stunning books I’ve reviewed on my blog on global lit for teens and YAs, Rabbit in the Moon. Are you a New Hampshire librarian? This collection is only for YOU. Please comment here on my blog, just a note about how you could use the books.

I’ve loved finding homes for my review books.  I’ve met educators from around the country and was happy a second grade teacher in Houston reached out to me and I could send her Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote.

Thank you, all who have entered.  I wish you a good Welcoming Week and year.

Meet Your Immigrant-American Neighbor Giveaway

My Giveaways Continue on this late August day.  My theme is books about our immigrant neighbors. Some of the books tell stories set in the homelands of families now in the U.S.  It’s meeting immigrant families here in my state that has led to  read books to help me understand their cultures.  Here is one:  a memoir for teens and adults. ON TWO FEET AND WINGS.

Abbas Kazerooni offers the world a remarkable memoir as he tells of his escape from revolutionary Iran as a young boy. Faced with the prospect of never seeing his parents again, he struggles to find his way in Istanbul, where survival often depends on his skill in knowing who to trust and when to flee. This is a compelling story full of tension and heartbreak.  To enter, comment here. If you are an educator comment about how the book could support your work.